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Emco Controls A/S
Høgevej 6
DK- 3400 Hillerød

Phone +45 4576 94 00
Fax +45 4576 94 01

Emco Controls A/S receives the Gazelle award from the leading Danish business newspaper Borsen in recognition of being one of Denmark's fastest growing companies.





Magnet niveautransmitter type HS89

The EMCO level transmitter, based on the magnetic floating principle, is used for remote indication and liquid level control.
Technical Features
Simple construction, high repeatability, and non sensitive to
foam, conductance, pressure, and temperature.
The HS89 Analogue Level Transmitter consists of the following main parts: Float with magnet, measuring tube, and mounting flange with electronics.
The measuring tube which is mounted on the top of the tank incorporates a number of resistors and reed switches.
A float with a permanent ring magnet moves on the outside of the measuring tube. When the level changes the magnet in the float will activate a reed switch which will connect a number of resistors, giving an ohmic value corre­sponding to the level.
In the connection head a R/I transmitter is mounted and converts the signal into a standard 4 ‑ 20 mA.
Technical Data
Range : 0 ‑ 3000 mm
Output signal : 4 ‑ 20 mA, two‑wire direct or inver­ted
: galvanic isolated
Ex version to Eex ia IIC, T4-6
HART® protocol
Power Supply : 8,5 ‑ 35 Vdc
Load limitation : 700 Ohm, 24 Vdc
  alu. Housing
  SS housing
: IP 54
: IP 65
Accuracy : +/‑ 0,2 %
Linearity : +/‑ 0,2 %
Hysteresis : 10 mm
Wetted parts : AISI 316
Mounting : Top mounted
Connection : Flange DN 65 or DN 80
Flange face
: acc. to DIN 2526 (flat face)or DIN 2512 form F
Pressure rating
: PN 16 ‑ 40 (PN 100 as option)
Temperature, fluid : ‑50 to +100 °C
Temperature, ambient : 20 to +80 °C
Transmitter Housing : Die‑cast alu., with polyester coating­, or stainless steel
Electrical Connection
: PG 16
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